Saturday, August 13, 2016

Around the World with 80 Artists - A Crafts Project Book by MZ and Ali - The Creative Art Academy

So much about the creative world involves risk.

Creating a new design. Sharing our work in a public manner. Trying a new technique we haven't attempted before.

It all requires stepping outside our comfort zone and taking a leap of faith. And that is not easy.

AND that is why when I see someone taking a creative risk, I want to support her. Mahe has taken a leap of faith in a HUGE way.

She's coordinated a project involving 80 artists from 22 different countries to show how creativity is a common language all over the world, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project.

I have funded this project and encourage you to take a look too.

As an added incentive, Mahe is offering the book at early bird prices for all who pledge their support now.

This book contains 80 arts and crafts projects that cover everything from lettering to mixed media, drawing faces to painting roses, making cards to many varied paper crafts and even coloring pages. This book will keep you and your creative friends busy and inspired for a long time. It will also make awesome Christmas presents for the creatives on your list.


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