Monday, September 18, 2017

iTunes no longer showing Apps

What idiot decided that iTunes will no longer do apps?

According to OXSDaily: The new version of iTunes adds support for iOS 11 while simultaneously removing the iOS App Store from being included in iTunes. Additionally, iTunes 12.7 removes the ability to sync iOS apps and ringtones on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via iTunes on the desktop. Instead, Apple wants you to manage and download iOS apps from the iPhone or iPad itself via the native iOS App Store application.

Some of us can't use the App Store on their phones because it is too small for us older people to read easily. I, for one, used iTunes for my Apps because I could actually see everything easily.

What Apple is doing is pushing us older iPhone & iPad users away with this drastic (and unannounced) change in the way iTunes works. I guess Apple wants the older people who have been loyal to them, and who have been buying their newest iPhones and iPads to leave and to get phones and pads from other companies.

I am looking into doing that unless Apple chooses to change iTunes back to the way it was.

Hey Apple, ever hear "if it works, not fix it?".