Thursday, November 29, 2018


DENNIS DAY, former Disney Mouseketeer and current resident of Phoenix, OR, has been missing from his home since mid-July 2018, despite the best efforts of the Phoenix Missing Persons Dept. to locate him.

Day, an original Mouseketeer from 1956 – '57, was a veteran actor and longtime member of the original California Renaissance Pleasure Faires and Dickens Christmas Fair. He disappeared from his home on July 15th, after his husband, Ernest Caswell, was hospitalized in Medford. Telling Ernie that he was going to visit friends, he uncharacteristically left his dog in the care of a temporary housemate and has not been seen since.

Sometime after Dennis' departure, the family car also disappeared and was found July 26th on the Oregon coast, being driven by persons unknown to Day's friends. The driver told police that Day had given them permission to use it. No forensic evidence was found in the vehicle to suggest any struggle or foul play had occurred.

Day's hundreds of friends from his Faire days, as well as his more recent Oregon neighbors & friends, are extremely concerned; Dennis is well-beloved. His husband, who suffers from a degree of age-related memory loss, still misses and mourns him.

Anyone who has any knowledge of Dennis Day's movements or whereabouts is asked to contact Lt. Price of the Phoenix Missing Persons Dept. 541-535-1113 ext 309. or, if preferred, our Anonymous Tipline at (1) 888-980-6450.


If you could share this information with your friends and family, it would be greatly appreciated.


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