Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cost on Scrapbook Classes, Crops & Events

I am saddened to see the price of the various online scrapbooking classes & events have prices that exclude a lot of us scrappers. The $30, $40, $50 that people charge for classes & events eliminates most of us scrap folks.

For a lot of us, we don’t have that amount of money to spend on online events, let alone on crops at people hold in their homes. I think that more & more of us are being pushed out of scrapbooking in groups due to the cost involved, and we wind up scrapbooking alone. Scrapbooking supplies are costly enough, but to pay a large amount to join on events & crops in is beyond our budgets.

Part of the reason I have enjoyed scrapbooking beyond the fun of creating pages & sharing memories is the social aspect of it. Getting out of the house and having time to spend visiting & sharing was I special “me time”.

I remember when classes & events ran $20-$25, now the price has doubled, and I don’t see where the additional cost goes to. Gosh, it is online, other than the time to create the scrip for the event, where does the high cost come from? With say 50 people joining in, the teachers or event makes quite the profit – just 50 people sign up at $50 a person the resulting profit would be in the range of $2500. Quite a bit of $$ and a lot of the teachers hold the class many times, and after the first time they don’t have to spend the time creating the class – they just use what the created in the first place.

Some events/classes have short term “deals” that go on. Why not just lower the price rather than the cost beyond what most of us can spend? Personally, I have to budget to spend even $25 and by the time I save it up; the “special” price has gone away.

I will get off my soap box now. I just wanted to vent and get out in the public the feelings of at least one scrapper that used to really enjoy online classes & live crops. They made me sit down and create pages & have the ability to share memories with my family, friends and fellow scrapbookers.

Comments are requested - I would like to know what other scrappers feel about this

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!