Friday, September 12, 2014

Update on my Life - September 2014

What a year this has been so far. I wouldn't wish this year on my worst enemy.

While lowering the amount of Prednisone my hubby was taking, his symptoms got worse and worse, to the point that he was actually worse than he was way back in April and May. He had an appointment with his rheumatologist a few days after he was down to no Prednisone, so I figured she would figure it all out.

When he went to his appointment, we had his son take a day off from work to drive him in because there was no way he could have drove himself. He even allowed me to get a wheelchair for him because he couldn't walk more than 15-20 feet.

When we got there and they took his stats, his oxygen level was 82 percent, and his blood pressure was extremely low. The doctor came in the room, seen that he was in the wheelchair, looked at his stats and said "You are going down to the Emergency room"

To make a long story short - he had Pulmonary Embolisms. Pulmonary embolism is when one or more pulmonary arteries in your lungs become blocked. He had at least 6 in each lung!

He was in the hospital over Labor Day. After he was released, he worked from home a few hours a day. By the following Monday, he was back in the office part time. Getting back to the office was a great step in his recovery - he is much happier to be able to work again.

Now, hopefully, live will get back to being its normal craziness

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