Wednesday, July 29, 2015



The dress I order doesn't even come close to fitting me. The dress was listed as "one size" so measured myself before ordering and all my measurements were below what they said the dress would fit.

I opened a trouble ticket and they offered me a choice - $2 credit on my account (the dress cost $11.99) or return the dress for a full refund. Problem is, the dress came from China and it would cost $11.14 to ship it to them.

This is what I wrote is response to their offer:

I don't accept your partial refund since I will never be ordering from your site again. Sending the product back to China would cost me as much as the price of the product5 - so basically I am out the money I paid for the dress.

The sizes/measurements on your site are a joke, I measured myself before ordering the dress, and the dress would not fit anyone in that size range. It is basically a size small, not a "one size" as stated on your site.

I am extremely disappointed with your company. I will be posting a negative review on Facebook, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and my blog. I will also be posting a review on sites such as, and other similar sites.

Just wanted to let other people know about this.