Monday, October 16, 2023

Places to Donate Used Toys

I will add onto this list as I find new links - UPDATED 11/09/2023

Donating Used Toys in the San Francisco Bay Area - Places to Donate in San Francisco, East Bay, the Peninsula, and Marin

23 Great Places to Donate Used Toys - This is a great list of places

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies

There are three ways to donate to Stuffed Animals For Emergencies:

    Urgent Needs Locations. Here you will find a list of our partner organizations that are requesting donations where they do NOT currently have a SAFE chapter. You can donate directly to these organizations if you are willing to clean any of your gently used donations first.

    Host a Stuffed Animal Drive. Organize a stuffed animal drive, birthday drive, or corporate event for SAFE. Here you will find information you need to run a drive for SAFE.

Second Chance Toys

The website states - Thank you for your interest in recirculating toys with SCT! Our donation matching is closed right now, so please check back during our next toy giving season. Toy matching takes place twice a year; during the month of April in celebration of Earth Month and again in November and December for the Holiday Season.


Sunday, October 1, 2023

Organizations that Pickup Donations

I will add onto this list as I find new links - UPDATED 11/09/2023

Salvation Army - To schedule a Salvation Army pickup, head to and enter your zip code.

St. Vincent de Paul - Choose Regular Pickup

Habitat for Humanity - To schedule a Habitat for Humanity pickup, head to and follow the appropriate link to register and schedule your pickup< /a>

The Arc - Head to Page down to what you want to donate (service of Vietnam Veterans of America) -

Furniture Bank Network - operates in 34 states - Visit to search for availability in your area and reach out to the organizations nearby that participate. Note that while not all participating organizations offer pickups, most do.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has offices all over the country. Check out their list of locations and schedule a free donation pickup.

Patriots and Paws - Patriots and Paws serve areas from Fresno, CA, all the way down to the border of Mexico, and to the Arizona border. For pick up, they are located in Orange County. Find out how to donate items in person, and schedule an in-person donation pick up. Pick ups are usually scheduled 3 days a week.

Load Up - Donation Pickup and Delivery Services. This company does charge for their services, but when you really want to donate, and you can’t find a local charity to do a free pickup, you can use this company. Our network of local contractors can help collect your donatable items and deliver them to a charity for you.

Places to Donate Used Toys

This is a link to a places to specifically donate toys


Disabled American Veterans Department of California -


Vietnam Veterans of America - Pick Correct State


AMVETS Pickup - Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Texas and Oklahoma