Monday, January 30, 2012

Cleaning the Dishwasher

Have you ever looked, REALLY looked, at the inside of your dishwasher, right below the bottom rack, near the door? If you are like me, you never have. I have one word - YUCK! You are always cleaning your dishes in the dishwasher, but when was the last time that you cleaned your dishwasher?

I didn't take a picture, but believe me, it was pretty bad, I am surprised we didn't get sick with all the tiny bits of food, grease and soap scum stuck together and were deposited in corners of the dishwasher and in crevices around the door. YUCK! It took cleanser, a small scrub brush, an old toothbrush and a lot of scrubbing to get it clean.

I just ran the rinse cycle to wash all the cleanser away. Next I run the dishwasher empty and place a bowl in the bottom rack with a cup of bleach in it, and will set my dishwasher to run a complete cycle. The bleach will whiten the tub and kill any mold that may be growing it.

Once that is done, I will open the door and place a cup of Vinegar in the bowl, and again set the dishwasher to run a complete cycle.

I just added "clean the dishwasher" to my monthly kitchen cleaning list so this won't happen again!

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!

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