Monday, October 16, 2023

Places to Donate Used Toys

I will add onto this list as I find new links - UPDATED 11/09/2023

Donating Used Toys in the San Francisco Bay Area - Places to Donate in San Francisco, East Bay, the Peninsula, and Marin

23 Great Places to Donate Used Toys - This is a great list of places

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies

There are three ways to donate to Stuffed Animals For Emergencies:

    Urgent Needs Locations. Here you will find a list of our partner organizations that are requesting donations where they do NOT currently have a SAFE chapter. You can donate directly to these organizations if you are willing to clean any of your gently used donations first.

    Host a Stuffed Animal Drive. Organize a stuffed animal drive, birthday drive, or corporate event for SAFE. Here you will find information you need to run a drive for SAFE.

Second Chance Toys

The website states - Thank you for your interest in recirculating toys with SCT! Our donation matching is closed right now, so please check back during our next toy giving season. Toy matching takes place twice a year; during the month of April in celebration of Earth Month and again in November and December for the Holiday Season.


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