Monday, September 5, 2011

Diet Progress #5

Down to 224.5 pounds! I treated myself to a shopping trip to buy a couple of pairs of "puddle pushers" to replace the ones I have been wearing for the last month and a half. I did not have any idea what size I wore because the last pair I bought was a size 2X!

To make a long story short - I bought a size 18 and they are a bit too large in the waist, but the 16 was too small. Talk about excited - after we got home I was dancing around saying "I am wearing a size 18!" Hubby was just grinning at me and said that he was thrilled.

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!


  1. that is awesome news. keep up the good work!!!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

  3. Great news on the weight loss. I know how difficult it can be to lose weight.

  4. keep up the great work! very proud of you....yea Judy

    Mary HK

    ps your halloween files are darling. you are so generous to share them and I know you have done this for a very long time....cause I have some of your older ones....thnks again

  5. I know how hard this journey is... congratulations and keep up the good work! in the end, it will be worth all the hard work!!!

  6. Happy for you!!!! Keep it up!!!!! Thanks for sharing your files and your talent with all.

  7. Your svg files are great and appreciated!! Your will power is outstanding for this new lifestyle, I commend you.


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