Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diet Progress #4

Down another 4.4 pounds. That is a total of 24.7 pounds in 66 days - 2.5 pounds a week. Not too bad. I am 2.3 pounds above what I weighted after my strike 5 years ago - that is my next goal.

It is kind of scary that I gained over 25 pounds in the 5 years since my stroke. I know that I can tell myself that it was because I couldn't do a lot, but I would be lying to myself. It is because I was being lazy and just sitting on my butt.

I have become a stay at home person, and don't get out of the house unless I have a ride. That is not good. I make the excuse that I don't have a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and I hate trying to find a pair because the last 4 pairs I bought turned out to be uncomfortable. I have tried

* Crocs - comfortable most times, but not for long walks
* Skechers - comfortable at first, but the tops of two of my toes rub and wearing band-aids is a PITA, and I have foot pain while walking. Tried 2 different styles and have the same result.
* New Balance - comfortable at first, but the same rubbing problem though to a lesser degree.
* Performance Clogs - very comfortable, my everyday shoes, but not good for long walks

Part of the problem is my size 12 feet, wide feet - pretty much I have to buy mens shoes because almost no one carries women's walking shoes that big. I can order ones in my size online at a couple of places, but that means shipping them back if they don't fit.

Any suggestions?

My next thought is the Gravity Defyer because they give you a free 30 day trial and they have all kinds of good reviews. I will keep you posted.

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!

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  1. dad went to his foot dr who sent him to a place that makes molds of your feet, you pick out a pair of shoes (they had loads of 'girl' shows) so with you they might fit the toes downward so they won't rub. this place also doesn't stop until they get it right. sorry i don't have all the info in front of me but if you're interested in more info e mail me & i'll get back to you as soon as i can (a bit busy, just found out dad only has a few weeks to live, BAMMMM outta the blue)
    Karen Keolker,Washington State


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