Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Sitting Grandkids

Who knew (at least I didn't at the time) that babysitting your grand kids is hard work. My grand kids are 4 and 6, and I watch them every work day from 6:30 to 4:30. For the most part they play together well and behave - but my granddaughter is one of those kids that are sometimes sneaky and defiant.

She knows the rules I have, and for the most part follows them. But there are the days when she decides that she is going to test EVERY rules and see what she can get away with. And on those days, I have to keep an eye on her every minute because after she gets her "time out" for misbehaving, she will be sneaky and purposefully find something to do that is out of the ordinary. Be it deciding to "accidentally" knock over the guitar case or letting the dogs out when the gardener comes. Those days, I really miss smoking, because smoking would help relax me.

But, then there are the days when I enjoy hearing them laugh & giggle together, and enjoy listening to the games/stories they come up with. Their favorite games is Power Rangers & Spiderman. They play the characters and at the same time talk about what they are going to do. It is like you are watching a comic book at the same time that someone is reading the story out loud.

Grand kids are a joy overall though. Before I babysat them, I noticed see more of the changes in them that I missed while raising my son & step-kids. I guess because (before babysitting) I would only see them once or twice a month and the changes were more noticeable.

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See you soon!

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