Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Results #2 - Arthroscopic Surgery on my Knee

Pain in a lot less in my knee, but it is still there. I know the pain is recovery/healing pain but it is still frustrating. I am doing the exercises that the doctor gave me, along with using my pedal exerciser a little.

I miss being able to go upstairs to my studio anytime I want, but I know that I need to let my knee rest & heal before I tackle that stairs. The frustrating part is that I thought I cut out all the parts for my paper piecing swap projects, but realized that I forgot an important part. I guess my swaps are going to be late.

I have made quite a few cards while sitting here on the couch, so I have accomplished something. But even with Xfinity On Demand, I don't have much to watch on TV. I watch the few sports I enjoy on the Olympics, but for the most part I read my magazines & read blogs.

Last week I thought that I would enjoy the quiet relaxed time recovering, but after a week of it, I am bored to tears. I would love to be able to create files for cutter machines, but the program doesn't run on an iPad. I guess I could try to work do it on my netbook. At least that would keep my creative mind active....

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!

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