Saturday, January 31, 2015

Moving Day!

Movers arrived and started packing the truck. Then family arrived to take the TVs, computers, & other such items that the movers couldn't take. Watching everything being put on the truck, I am being amazed at just how much stuff I have.

For instance, having three large bathrooms meant that I had supplies in all three - the new house has 2 small bathrooms, so I know I will be FreeCycling a lot of bathroom supplies. Same goes for regular cleaning supplies. I know it won't all fit in the new house, but I will move a lot of it and take my time deciding what stays and what goes.

I already got rid of most of the extra furniture. I know I will be replacing the TV stand (that holds the smaller flat screen TV) with a smaller one that mounts to the wall. So I will be selling that along with the two desks (mine and the one my hubby used. Other than that, I think the rest of the furniture stays.

First steps is getting & building two pantries. The kitchen does not have enough storage for both food & dishes, so the pantries will hold the food & appliances. The existing cabinets will hold the everyday food items and the dishes & such. Quite a difference from having a built in corner pantry, but I am being open to the changes that need to be made

When I look at my Scrapbook, Rubber Stamp and craft supplies I realize that a lot of that needs to be sold or passed on. I am going from a big (12x12) room for myself to a 10x10 room that I will share with my dogs crates. I may be able to mount shelves over the top of the dog's crates (mounted on the wall) so I can store stuff. Then I will have 2 tables to work on. The room will be "snug", but at least I will still have my space.


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