Friday, August 10, 2012

Results #3 - Arthroscopic Surgery on my Knee

I went to the doctor today for a post-op check-up on my knee. I think I surprised him with how much flexibility I have in the knee. He had me straighten my knee out and then asked me to bend it as far as I could without pain.

I twisted a bit to the side of the table and then bent my operated knee as far back as my other leg goes. He said, “That is impressive, how long has it been since your surgery?” When I told him it was 3 weeks, he said “you are doing very well”.

I still have to do the stairs one step at a time, but I am able to go up & down the stairs a couple of times a day. I still need to use my cane when we go out so I don’t over use the knee, and I have to try not to make sudden fast moves; I am doing great.

In fact, we are going to Reno next month for a Poker Tournament, and I think we will be able to take the motorcycle there.

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!