Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Converting my files #1

I have been asked about converting my files. Currently my files only are available in JPG, MTC and SVG formats. I am considering making them in more formats, but at that point, I will have to limit the lenght of time that the files are free - after the free period, they will be available for sale.

I am thinking that I will make the files available in:

This is an illustrator file. KNK Studio can open this file type. Inkscape can open Illustrator files that are saved with PDF compatibility.

This is a file type that works with the Robo Master program.

This file type works with the WinPC/SignLab programs. WPC 14 in order to make them accessible to the most users with Funtime or Scrap Savvy Funtime etc.

If you would like to use them for a paper piecing and do not own a digital cutter yet.

And they will still be available in JPG, MTC and SVG.

Since this is a time intensive project, I don't expect all the files to be converted until after the first of next year.

Suggestion & requests for files always welcome.

See you soon!

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