Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Start Decluttering in Your Bedroom

The reason I suggest this is that way, you will have a relaxing & calming space to start & end your day.

Rather than try to box up and tackle the whole house at once (which makes it an even bigger overwhelming job) take it slow.

I started with the bedrooms. Biggest tip - DO NOT leave the room that you are working on to put things away - that is what the box if for. No matter what room it belongs in, put them all in the same box. If you are going to be doing your closet - get some nice velvet covered hangers, it will help to make your closet look nice and the clothes you keep will stay on the hangers and not slip off.

1. Go through the room and toss all the garbage into a trash bag - put bag nearby the bed (you will find garbage hidden away).

2. Get boxes and label them – “Donate”, “Keep in This Room in Another Place”, and “Belongs in Another Room”. Get your favorite cleaner and rag, you will need it to wipe things off. Personally, I used laundry baskets or the Keep in this room and belongs in another room.

3. Throw a sheet on top of the bed. Start with one item - a closet, a shelf, a drawer. The easiest way for me was to dump the drawer (or shelf, etc) onto the bed and go through everything. For clothing - try everything on. Yes, it is a pain in a butt, but you will find things that you don't like anymore, that don't fit you right or that you wonder "why did I even buy this".

  • Dumping it on the bed makes it much easier to go through things rather than rummaging through the drawer, shelf, etc (and you can wipe out the drawer, shelf, etc) Once you go through it, put it back in its home and continue.

4. When you get to the closet - pull out all the non-clothing items and go through them first. Then your shoes (try them on and make sure you still love them). Now, the clothes. Either pull them all out or just part of them.

  • If you are holding onto something that you haven't fit into in years ("I will wear this when I lose/gain weight") - pass it on - if you do lose/gain weight the item will be dated.
  • If you are holding onto something like your wedding dress, take it out, get it clean and store it in an archival box to preserve it. Personally, I donated mine to a group that rents wedding dresses, gowns, and prom dresses to those that can't afford to buy them.
  • Now, try everything on in the closet on. Again, it is a pain in a butt, but you will find things that you don't like anymore, that don't fit you right or or that you wonder "why did I even buy this". You will probably be surprised at the pile of clothing you have created out of the clothes from your dresser & closet.
  • My suggestion is before you hang up your clothes, sort them by type. Then put them on your nice new hangers and hang them up. If you did your closet in sections, continue the process.

When you are done for the day. Take the donate clothing and put it in a garage bag and TIE IT SHUT tight. That way you aren't tempted to go back and pull clothes out. For the non-clothes items you are donating, close the box and put it in the garage or outside.

Take the garbage out to the garage can. Lastly, put the items that belong in other rooms away. Unless the room you are putting stuff away in is already done, DO NOT get tempted to clean the room - you will get to the room eventually. If the room has already been done, the things you are putting away probably already have a home so put it there or find it a logical home in that room.


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